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August Activities

Post by WayneS » Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:31 pm

Since June, I have been contacting organisations about the activities they provide in which disabled people can participate. Some organisations serve the public as a whole, and others serve disabled people as a whole or specific groups of disabled people. They have been telling me about the activities they provide and how they make their activities accessible to disabled people.

Here are a few suggestions for activities people could try this August. Click on the links for more information. In each case, they take you to the Kirklees Activities Directory blog, where you can filter by disability, activity, age and location. You can post your thoughts about these and other activities on this forum.

Cycling: Streetbikes has a range of bikes suitable for people who have physical, sensory or learning disabilities. They are open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and each session costs £4.

Motorcycling: Bumpy are offering young disabled people from Kirklees the chance to experience motorcycling and have buggy rides on motorbikes on Tuesdays.

Golf: Bradley Golf Course has sessions for people who have Parkinsons on Fridays, but there are also opportunities for peopple with other disabilities to play golf. Blind people who can't see golf balls can even bring balls with bells in so they can hear where the ball is going. British Inclusive Golf can also help you learn how to play golf at a course near you.

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